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Campus Administration

Elgin Intermediate School

902 W. 2nd Street
Elgin, Texas 78621
Phone: (512) 281-9701
Fax: (512) 281-9874


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Name Position/Title Email Ext.
Balli-Glynn, Diana Counselor 1706
Daniell, Dawn SEL Counselor 1728
Valle, Vanessa CIS Program Manager 1722


Front Office Support Staff

Name Position/Title Email Ext.
Blackmore, Deborah Receptionist 1700
Freeman, Felecia Nurse LVN 1704
Lopez, Dawn Registrar 1703
Martinez, Jessica M. Administrative Asst. - Principal's Office 1701
Rebollar, Ximena Administrative Asst. - AP's Office 1705


Teachers & Campus Support Staff

Name Position/Title Email Ext.
Aleman, Sara Instructional Specialist 1723
Armendariz, Xochitl Teacher 5th Grade Science 1796
Bonds, Lauren Teacher Electives 1729
Brown, Laura Classroom Aide Life Skills  
Canas, Manuel Teacher 5th Grade RLA/SS 1762
DeCrow, Makenzi Teacher 6th Grade RLA/SS 1719
Del Rosario, Mary Instructional Specialist 1724
Donaldson, Renee Teacher  
Dooley, Emma Teacher 6th Grade Science 1759
Everhart, Angela Teacher 5th Grade Math 1757
Freeman, Lynda Teacher Solid Roots 1765
Fuentes, Gina Classroom Aide 18+  
Garcia, Toni Teacher 5th Grade Math 1718
Garduno, Miriam Classroom Aide Special Ed  
Garza, Lisa Classroom Aide Life Skills  
Garza, Michelle Classroom Aide Solid Roots  
Gaspar, Froilan Teacher 6th Grade Science 1769
Gault, Jennifer Teacher Special Ed Inclusion/Resource  1739
Goetz, Philip Teacher 6th Grade Math 1726
Gonzales, Jeffrey Teacher Music 1777
Gruetzner, Cynthia Classroom Aide Sp Ed Inclusion/Resource  
Haller, Elizabeth Speech 1782
Hamilton, Ashley Teacher 5th Grade RLA/SS 1754
Harvey, Amanda Teacher PE 1780
Herrera, Ashley Teacher 5th Grade RLA/SS 1767
Herrera, Jesus Teacher 5th Grade Science 1794
Hickman, Jasen Teacher 18+ 1069
Hill, Deselle Teacher 6th Grade RLA/SS 1771
Hilson, Amber Teacher Art 1717
Jackson, Annette Classroom Aide  
Jones, Thea ACE Site Coordinator 1730
Kiara, Carment Teacher PE 1781
Littleton, Bryan Teacher Life Skills 1773
Madden, Lashiya Teacher 6th Grade Math 1763
Martinez, Sally Classroom Aide 18+  
Mathis, Oterrica Teacher 5th Grade RLA/SS 1797
Mathis, Yulanda Teacher 6th Grade RLA/SS 1770
Mendoza, Dania Classroom Aide PE  
Miranda, Philip Teacher Art 1740
Neel, Taylor Teacher 5th Grade Science 1795
Nuncio, Christian Teacher 6th Grade Reading 1731
Rich, Jaime Teacher Dyslexia 1716
Roberts, Spencer Teacher Band 1742
Salinas, Sylvester Teacher 6th Grade Math 1768
Segura, Angelita Teacher 6th Grade RLA/SS 1766
Simpson, Misty Librarian 1725
Smith, Justin Teacher 6th Grade RLA/SS 1758
Sosa, Vivian Teacher 5th Grade RLA/SS 1760
Swenson, Shelbi Teacher Technology 1750
Taylor, Coen Classroom Aide ISS 1727
Taylor, Lydia Teacher 5th Grade RLA/SS 1755
Valdez, Joe Teacher Special Education 1739
Vasquez-Reyes, Valeria Classroom Aide PE  
Villa, Lauren Teacher 5th Grade Math 1756
Ware, Katelyn Teacher 5th Grade Math 1764
Wellauer, Rachel Teacher Life Skills 1792
Williams, O'Tasha Teacher 6th Grade Science/Math 1772